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Coming NEXT from Author Elizabeth Funderbirk 

"Devine Intervention"... Coming 2014







The 3rd installment in the TORN series will follow Dahlia a.k.a. Devine. A vixen hell bent on revenge comes face to face with the only person that can set her straight. But, not before she targets her ex-lover, his wife, and once long time friend. This Diva who can be sugary sweet as Dahlia, and dripping with sin as Devine has to fight her inner demons. The question is will she and new love survive the fallout from her venomous actions.

 This is a tease of the Novel I am currently working on. The ETA is early 2014. 

"In HER Words"...  Coming Winter 2014 

If you have read any books in the TORN series. "Love TORN Asunder" or "The Bitter Sweet Conclusion", you know all too well who the infamous lady that only goes by HER is. The scorned wife's tale will be the last installment in the series. She will tell her side of the story in HER own words. 

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