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Saving Lives Through Lit, is proud to announce the first release in our “Saving Lives One Book At a Time” anthology series, “Voices Behind The Tears”.

In efforts to seek awareness for the heinous act of Domestic Violence, Saving Lives Through Lit, began a journey to give a voice to the victims, survivors, and all that bare witness to this form of abuse. With the contributions of 30 authors, ranging from the ages of 12 years old and up, editors, graphic designers proofreaders, and so many other talented people, we were able to use our passion for literature to create a collection of stories that will touch any reader right to their soul. Literature has the ability to give knowledge, provide solace, touch hearts, inspire, build dreams, and stir the soul. “Voices Behind The Tears”, accomplishes all of this. Using the powerful form a literature, we have built an organization that is founded with one mission, to Save Lives.

If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.                  Help Saving Live Through Lit, reach the masses and spread the word about this organization and our efforts to raise awareness. Each book sold is a donation made to a Woman, Man, Child that lives in danger. Let them know their suffering is not in vain, that we will stand with them and take a stand against their abusers. By giving it a voice, by never stopping our work until the fight is over.

Support can be just as simple as joining, and telling a friend. 


           Vocies Behind The Tears By: Various contributors


           Sponsor a "Saving Lives One Book At a Time" Book Drive. 


Earn close to $1,000.00 for charity

Saving Lives through Lit, would like to extend an offer that can earn close to $1,000.00 for charity. By sponsoring a

"Saving Lives One Book At a Time" Book Drive. 


     Our Organization was founded in order to raise awareness and funds for Local charities and those that cross all of the states. In order to accomplish this goal we need help from the public. Help from those that want to seek ways to to do their part but not sure where to start. We implore you to start here. Helping Saving Lives Through Lit, means helping the many people that will benefit from our fund raising efforts, book drives, book sales, special promotions, informational updates, and our future plans to grow and build a network that will have one goal.... Saving Lives! To go to the beginning of this Journey, we started with publishing a book that centered on the Heinous act of Domestic Violence. Our mission was to not only donate a portion of the proceeds to charity but to use to the powerful form of Literature to reach the masses. What better way to give back then by giving a gift that can give you knowledge, inspire, create hope, provide solace, lift your spirits and you can carry with you on your personal journey. That is what Literature can do, and the team of authors, editors, graphic designers, proofreaders, and numerous creative people in the literary community that helped to make "Voices Behind The Tears" a success. Knowing the impact that a book of this nature can provide, we expanded and now have a series, "Saving Lives One Book At a Time". In the series we will cover many social issues that plague our neighborhoods and communities. Sponsoring a Book Drive helps to spread the word and get this work of literature into the hands of the very people we wish to Help!

How a "Saving Lives One Book At a Time"

Book Drive works......

     A Book Drive can be sponsored by a member of the community or board member of a organization. Purchasing a bulk order of 25 - 50 books or more for the purpose of a Book Drive will get a Book Drive discount & no shipping charges, in order to maximize the potential profits for your charity of choice. The initial purchase of your bulk order will result in a portion being directly donated to the charity in collaboration with SLTL. We recommend that sales for the book are priced at the retail price point. After calculating what you paid, to the profits of what you earned, you will have gained close to $1,000.00 for charity. If you hold your Book Drive at a community center, library, shelter, church, etc... It is up to you to determine the split on profits earned. Once your purchase is made from SLTL the funds you make are up to you to distribute. If you are on a board or represent a charity, then you can use %100 towards that organization. Each Bulk order of 50 book or more, will also come with printed literature from "Saving Lives Through Lit", regarding our organization and projects to be handed out to the patrons of at the

Book Drive. 

To request detailed information, regarding "Saving Lives One Book At a Time" Book Drive, please  email ( 

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